Barbara Hyde, RN

Research Coordinator


Barbara grew up walking barefoot in Montana cow pastures and fishing with a hook, line and sinker wrapped around a small piece of willow stick. She is as comfortable on the farm as she is in the healthcare setting. Twenty years in the electronics engineering field working on space shuttles, kidney dialysis machines and commercial fishing equipment has given Barbara unique opportunities to work with varied and diverse people and environments. Barbara worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant with No Worries and Beyond Addictions with alcohol detox clients while attending the Bachelor of Nursing program at University of Portland. When she graduated and obtained her RN she became part of our nursing staff. With seven years healthcare experience, she brings her life experience and passion for nursing to her work. Barbara has a husband, 3 children, 5 grandchildren, one dog, one cat, likes to write, craft, sew, draw and go camping.