Counseling Treatment Plan

START at HOME includes a visit by a Drug & Alcohol Counselor for an evaluation to develop an ongoing Success Plan prior to the completion of the detox. The Success Plan determines the best course of action after the detoxification process. Potential psychological stressors (anxiety, depression, and trauma) and social stressors (living situation, social network, and occupation) are examined and appropriate referral resources identified. These referrals could include Counseling, and/or Out-patient Treatment which includes Counseling and Group Sessions that provide a supportive environment where you will connect with others who are having similar experiences as you. You will have addiction Education about how to live sober, relapse prevention skills, and how addiction affects you and your family.


Clark Caswell BA, CADC II Bluewater Counseling


Currently, Clark runs his own private practice focusing on individual counseling and interventions. Most recently, his time has been dedicated to developing programs that allow clients to receive maximum recovery support with minimal interruption to their lives, including in-home alcohol detoxification and outpatient opiate detoxification.