If you’re looking for alcohol detox in Portland, Oregon, let our team of experienced Nurses, Caregivers and Administrators help you find the right level of care.
Meet our Administrative Staff:

Jim Reed-Accounts Manager, Teresa Taylor RN-Program Manager, Tare Mutepfa-Mentor, Barbara Hyde RN-Research Coordinator, Jeanne Taylor RN-Care Supervisor, Tammy Whiting-Scheduling Manager, Melinda Reed RN-Administrator, Lisa Lyche-Program Coordinator, Jason Sanders RN-Care Supervisor

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  No Worries In-home Care START@home is a division of No Worries Corporation. No Worries has provided excellent care in the home setting since 1997.
Providing Excellent Care Since 1997
START@home is a division of No Worries

START Story...

In 2006, Melinda Reed RN, the owner of No Worries In-home Care was approached by experts in the field of Addiction Treatment to brainstorm how their expertise in Addiction Treatment could be combined with Melinda's In-home Care expertise to create a new option for the 90% who do not need an inpatient setting to detox from alcohol. The result was Assisted Ambulatory Alcohol Detox in the home or hotel setting.
    Template Provider orders were developed for Librium, Ativan and Serax. Caregivers from No Worries were specially trained to provide the around-the-clock care for the 5 days a client would be going through alcohol withdrawal.
    No Worries exclusively provided In-home and In-hotel Alcohol detox caregiving services for 3 years to a Clinic in Beaverton. In 2010 No Worries announced expansion of this successful program to be available to patients of any Provider and named the service START@home. Providers that determine their patients are appropriate for an Ambulatory Alcohol Detox will now be able to offer their patients this safe, private, convenient, supportive and cost-effective option.
    If you don't have a Provider or want to use an alternative Provider, the START RN can arrange for you to be seen at Fanno Creek Clinic for medication management of your detox.
    One of the most rewarding aspects of START@home are the people coming to us that do not want traditional inpatient detox; mothers who do not want to leave their children, pet owners who do not want to be away from their pets and others who seek privacy and confidentiality.
    For most, this means detoxing in the comfort of their home. For others the hotel setting adds to the privacy so neighbors won't see the caregivers arriving for their 12-hour shifts or the nurse making visits. For those whose home has significant stressors or stimulation, the peace of a hotel room may be the best setting.