Melinda Reed RN, BSN, - President (17 yrs):

There are many “Becauses” in my life that have led me to where I am at today.

Because I was assisting my grandmother with care, I looked at the home care industry and found there was no licensing for In-Home Care in Oregon and just a few agencies. It was because I saw a need that in 1997 I decided to start an In-home Care Agency.

Because I have an Australian friend who was always saying “No Worries” and because it was a phrase that always made me smile, it is what I named my company (mystery solved).

Because No Worries was so good at providing complex care, I was able to develop an In-home and In-hotel alcohol detox program with two expert Nurse Practitioners.

Because detox is just the beginning, I started a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program named Beyond Addictions in 2007.

Because circumstances arose that led to the closing of Beyond Addictions, I found myself in a position to either give up or accept what I have always known I was to do; provide people with the option to detox from alcohol in the comfort, privacy and affordability of their home or hotel.

Because I had personally experienced mothers deciding to detox when they learned that they didn’t have to leave their children, pet owners who did not have to leave their pets and publicly known people who wanted privacy, I chose to embrace what I believe is my purpose and did not give up.

Because the Universe lets you know when you are on the right path by sending you some incredible people like the Physicians at Fanno Creek Clinic who have made themselves available to see patients who don’t have a Provider or, who want to use an alternative Provider to medically supervise their alcohol detox.

START@home, like me, is a result of a lot of “Becauses”.

If you want to begin your journey to sobriety and are one of the 90% who does not need an inpatient setting to detox from alcohol, then START@home is here for you.

You will not be alone. You will be safe. Your withdrawal symptoms will be controlled with administration of medication by a specially trained caregiver who has nursing supervision. And, because detox is just the beginning to getting your life back, you will receive a home visit by a Counselor towards the end of your detox to help you develop a Success Plan.

Because, if you are ready, we have what you need.

Teresa Taylor RN, BSN

Teresa began her career in health care as a Certified Nurse’s Assistant and Medication Aide. She began working at Beyond Addictions in 2007 as a Detox Technician while attending the Clark College School of Nursing. After becoming a Registered Nurse, Teresa continued to work at Beyond Addictions as a Detox Nurse while pursuing her Bachelors of Science Degree in Acute Care Nursing at Washington State University. She is now working at No Worries and START@home as a Client Services Supervisor and is also utilizing her background in corporate training as our Education Director. Some activities Teresa enjoys are traveling, snorkeling, camping, and spending time with family and friends.

Jeanne Taylor RN

In service to her Italian, Czechoslovakian neighborhood, Jeanne began exhibiting her interest in nursing at age 6 dressed in a white nurse’s uniform with a ‘real’ nurse’s cap (a bit big, but it still did the job!) handing out Dum-Dum suckers to patients in her father’s Family practice office located on their property behind their home in Brookfield, Illinois. Community was an important aspect of health care at this time, an era gone by. A house call might be an emergency, a baby on the way, or comfort given while heaving from nausea. Patients’ homes were a large part of where he practiced medicine. Over the years Jeanne continued “nursing” for her father after moving to Portland, Oregon working the office window greeting patients, and assisting with procedures when needed. In college, however, she succumbed to the lure of a literary life and degrees in English prevailed over the nursing sciences.

As a teacher for over 20 years, Jeanne has interacted with diverse and varied communities. She’s taught the language arts and literature from kindergarten through adult evening programs, even in Japan. The nursing instinct rekindled. As a RN-combo -English teacher, Jeanne saw so many attractive and needed opportunities to serve people everywhere and Jeanne decided to get her RN.

Jeanne finished nursing school working as a caregiver for No Worries In-Home Care. When the opportunity surfaced to participate in a much needed service to the greater community via the START@Home division, Jeanne sought to be a part of it.

Barbara Hyde RN, BSN

Barbara grew up walking barefoot in Montana cow pastures and fishing with a hook, line and sinker wrapped around a small piece of willow stick. She is as comfortable on the farm as she is in the healthcare setting. Twenty years in the electronics engineering field working on space shuttles, kidney dialysis machines and commercial fishing equipment has given Barbara unique opportunities to work with varied and diverse people and environments. Barbara worked as a Certified Nursing Assistant with No Worries and Beyond Addictions with alcohol detox clients while attending the Bachelor of Nursing program at University of Portland. When she graduated and obtained her RN she became part of our nursing staff. With seven years healthcare experience, she brings her life experience and passion for nursing to her work. Barbara has a husband, 3 children, 5 grandchildren, one dog, one cat, likes to write, craft, sew, draw and go camping.

Jason Sanders RN, BSN

Jason has been involved in health care for over six years as both a caregiver for clients with diverse needs and as a registered nurse. He has a BA in anthropology for the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and received his BS in Nursing from Oregon Health and Sciences University. Jason is currently the Nursing Manager for No Worries in home care and has worked behind the scenes with START for almost two years, helping to facilitate smooth transitions into in-home detoxing. He was also involved in helping to enhance the program to maintaining the high standard of care for the client and improve the ease of starting services. Jason was raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and loves the Oregon winters. He has a toy poodle named Charlie Brown who takes up most of his time but also enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family and travelling. He has dreamed of going to Iceland for the last 10 years and is excited to be making that a reality in December.

Lisa Lyche, Admin Assistant/Client Services Coordinator

Lisa began caregiving in 1996. She quickly became an Assistant Manager for a Group Home caring for those with developmental disabilities. She found this very rewarding and enjoyed working with this adult population for the next 5 years. Following that experience, Lisa spent the next 12 years in different sections of the mortgage industry. We all know how that ended up!  Her sister Stacy told her about an opening at No Worries In-Home Care. Due to her experience with recovery groups, she was hired onto the START@home team.  She jumped at this opportunity to work in a wonderful environment, doing what she loves; caring for people.  Lisa currently holds a chapter position for Oxford Houses Inc., a clean and sober recovery-based housing project. She acts as a mentor to the women living in Oxford homes in the Washington County area. Addiction recovery and treatment is a passion in her life. Lisa has a son, a daughter, and a Chihuahua named Ponelope that she absolutely loves. She went to school to be a florist to express her creativity & she continues to enjoy floral arranging. Lisa also enjoys many other hobbies such as quilting and painting. She has a great sense of humor, and loves talking with people.

Tammy Whiting

Tammy started her career with No Worries as a caregiver in 2007. Within a very short time she was promoted into the office as a Scheduling Coordinator and then to Staffing Manager and Human Resources Assistant. Since 2007 Tammy has also worked as the Scheduler for Alcohol Detox clients. Another part of Tammy’s role within the company has been to interview potential Caregivers for both No Worries and START. Tammy looks forward to interviewing those interested in the START program as Caregivers are very excited to work in this Program. Both Tammy and the Caregivers look forward to the experience and seeing the difference they can make in people’s lives.