Preparing for Detox

You have made the decision to detox. The question comes, “Can you prepare?” The answer is a definite Yes!

Get evaluated by your primary provider. If your provider isn’t on our list, send us the contact information and we will contact your provider to see if they are ready to oversee your detox. If not, we can refer you to a provider familiar with our program.

After the okay from the provider and completion of the relevant paperwork and assessment with a START nurse, you can choose the day when you start your detox. It can be within hours, several days or even a week later.

The following list may help to prepare for detox:
    • Do not stop drinking. We do not want you having withdrawal symptoms without the help and support
       of the proper medication to support you through it.
    • Gather the comfort foods that you would normally eat when you don’t feel well.
    • Have Gatorade or similar drinks available to help replenish fluids and electrolytes.
    • If detoxing in a Hotel, bring your favorite blanket or pillow. Something that is comforting to you.
And remember, you are not alone. We will be with you 24-hours a day until you complete your detox.