Clark Caswell, BA, CADC II,

has over a decade of experience working in the addiction field. His experience includes treating clients in residential, outpatient and individual settings. His career began at Hazelden Springbrook residential treatment center as a case manager and supervisor of the treatment team. In 2006 he left to join a group of colleagues in the development of Beyond Addictions outpatient treatment facility. He implemented clinical services for the treatment associated with in-home alcohol detoxification and other substance abuse treatment.

Currently, Clark runs his own private practice focusing on individual counseling and interventions. He has expanded his focus to client’s dealing with chronic pain and addiction, working closely with those whom have struggled with addiction and relapse. He provides understandable and evidence-based education about addiction, works closely in helping clients apply this information to themselves and assists them in utilizing personal strengths to overcome potential barriers to recovery. Clark is highly effective in helping clients identify signs of relapse and developing plans to prevent a return to active addiction.

Most recently, his time has been dedicated to developing programs that allow clients to receive maximum recovery support with minimal interruption to their lives, including in-home alcohol detoxification and outpatient opiate detoxification.

What is a Relapse Prevention Workshop?

Relapse prevention workshop includes assisting the client to increase awareness of physical symptoms associated with cravings and to create specific techniques to reduce symptoms and increase chances of recovery.

Client will learn a variety of techniques (CBT, ACT and other evidence based practices) to manage identified triggers and adapt healthier responses to them. They will explore ways to better enhance their quality of life and reduce the desire to abuse substances.

Clark holds relapse prevention workshops as part of a comprehensive addiction recovery plan.

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