Actual Testimonials

    from our In-home & In-hotel

        Alcohol Detox clients

"You have all been wonderful, caring, loving people and I believe that as an addict we really need all of the above."

"Everyone was so welcoming and non-judgmental and very helpful and sympathetic."

"Very private, respectful and attentive. Nonjudgmental."

"Thanks to all of you for your kind words, humor, compassion and expertise that you extended to me during the past few weeks. It really has been the beginning of a wonderful journey for me to get my life back on track and moving forward again."

"If this company isn’t saving lives it is giving lives back. Thank you all for helping me live again."

"Helpful with the house while I detoxed – kept me comfortable. This is the way to go. Comfort of your home, individualized treatment and constant support. The best staff!"

"Everyone who came to our home were courteous, helpful, did laundry, dishes, beds, vacuumed, played with our animals and treated us all with respect."

"Absolutely awesome!"

"Wonderful, amazing staff and CNAs. Their empathy and compassion was so evident and I really felt they had compassion and understanding for what I was going through."

"Everyone spoke in “everyday language” not “medicalese.” Laymen’s language helps. Every detail covered."

"Excellent care! In less than a week I feel like my old self, just sober!"

"My withdrawal symptoms were reduced considerably and I received the support that I needed."

"I have been treated like a person with an illness and not an addict having withdrawals."


"This has been an extremely positive experience during a difficult period."