Join the 90% of people who do not require an inpatient treatment facility to detox from alcohol. Outpatient monitoring has been shown to be equally effective for those suffering mild to moderate alcohol withdrawal symptoms. You're Not Alone

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Rest assured! Our specially trained Caregivers are with you 24-hours a day during your detox. The Start Nurse will also visit regularly during the detox and is always available to you by phone during this time. You can also request caregiving support after your detox is completed in the form of a Sober Companion Caregiver. Caregiving Support

Monitoring • Medications • Safety
Transportation • Household Tasks
On-going outpatient chemical dependency treatment is part of a successful recovery plan. A Chemical and Alcohol Dependency Counselor will visit your location near the end of the detox to develop a Success Plan with you. This plan is provided to you and your medical team so you can work together toward your goals. Recovery

Relapse Prevention • Support
Treatment Options