Jason Sanders, RN

Care Supervisor


Jason has been involved in health care for over six years as both a caregiver for clients with diverse needs and as a registered nurse. He has a BA in anthropology from the University of Alaska, Fairbanks and received his BS in Nursing from Oregon Health and Sciences University. Jason is currently the Nursing Manager for No Worries In-home care and has worked behind the scenes with START for almost two years, helping to facilitate smooth transitions into In-home detoxing. He was also involved in helping to enhance the program to maintaining the high standard of care for the client and improve the ease of STARTing services. Jason was raised in Fairbanks, Alaska and loves the Oregon winters. He has a toy poodle named Charlie Brown who takes up most of his time but also enjoys reading, spending time with friends and family and travelling. He has dreamed of going to Iceland for the last 10 years and is excited to be making that a reality in December.