Jeanne Taylor, RN

Care Supervisor


In service to her Italian, Czechoslovakian neighborhood, Jeanne began exhibiting her interest in nursing at age 6 dressed in a white nurse’s uniform with a ‘real’ nurse’s cap (a bit big, but it still did the job!) handing out Dum-Dum suckers to patients in her father’s Family practice office located on their property behind their home in Brookfield, Illinois. Community was an important aspect of health care at this time, an era gone by. A house call might be an emergency, a baby on the way, or comfort given while heaving from nausea. Patients’ homes were a large part of where he practiced medicine. Over the years Jeanne continued “nursing” for her father after moving to Portland, Oregon working the office window greeting patients, and assisting with procedures when needed. In college, however, she succumbed to the lure of a literary life and degrees in English prevailed over the nursing sciences.


As a teacher for over 20 years, Jeanne has interacted with diverse and varied communities. She’s taught the language arts and literature from kindergarten through adult evening programs, even in Japan. The nursing instinct rekindled. As a RN-combo -English teacher, Jeanne saw so many attractive and needed opportunities to serve people everywhere and Jeanne decided to get her RN.


Jeanne finished nursing school working as a caregiver for No Worries In-Home Care. When the opportunity surfaced to participate in a much needed service to the greater community via the START at HOME division, Jeanne sought to be a part of it.