Melinda Reed, RN



There are many “Becauses” in my life that have led me to where I am at today.


Because I was assisting my grandmother with care, I looked at the home care industry and found there was no licensing for In-Home Care in Oregon and just a few agencies. It was because I saw a need that in 1997 I decided to START an In-home Care Agency.

Because I have an Australian friend who was always saying “No Worries” and because it was a phrase that always made me smile, it is what I named my company (mystery solved).

Because No Worries was so good at providing complex care, I was able to develop an In-home and In-hotel alcohol detox program with two expert Nurse Practitioners.

Because detox is just the beginning, I STARTed a Drug & Alcohol Treatment Program named Beyond Addictions in 2007.


Because circumstances arose that led to the closing of Beyond Addictions, I found myself in a position to either give up or accept what I have always known I was to do; provide people with the option to detox from alcohol in the comfort, privacy and affordability of their home or hotel.

Because I had personally experienced mothers deciding to detox when they learned that they didn’t have to leave their children, pet owners who did not have to leave their pets and publicly known people who wanted privacy, I chose to embrace what I believe is my purpose and did not give up.

Because the Universe lets you know when you are on the right path by sending you some incredible people like the Physicians at Fanno Creek Clinic who have made themselves available to see patients who don’t have a Provider or, who want to use an alternative Provider to medically supervise their alcohol detox.


START at HOME, like me, is a result of a lot of “Becauses”.

If you want to begin your journey to sobriety and are one of the 90% who does not need an inpatient setting to detox from alcohol, then START at HOME is here for you.

You will not be alone. You will be safe. Your withdrawal symptoms will be controlled with administration of medication by a specially trained caregiver who has nursing supervision. And, because detox is just the beginning to getting your life back, you will receive a home visit by a Counselor towards the end of your detox to help you develop a Success Plan.


Because, if you are ready, we have what you need.