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What Happens In A Hotel Detox

Call START at HOME today to get the support you need


Once you’ve contacted Start at Home, a START nurse will assist you in scheduling an appointment with your Provider or arrange for you to see a Provider at Fanno Creek Clinic. The fee for this appointment is either paid for out-of-pocket or by your insurance at time of service.  This includes the office visit and any lab tests ordered by the Provider. The Provider will typically perform a physical assessment and order lab tests to determine if you are appropriate to detox in an outpatient setting.


· A nurse will assist you in making plans for hotel accommodations and transportation.  You may choose a one-bedroom hotel suite with a kitchen or without a kitchen depending on whether you would like the caregiver to prepare your meals.  Two-bedroom suites are recommended if family members are staying with you.


· A nurse will meet with you to go over paperwork needed for your Provider appointment and detox. It saves time to have this paperwork filled out before your Provider appointment. If you are seeing a new Provider, it will be helpful if you can provide the following information: a health history, a list of allergies and medications, date of your last medical appointment and copies of any recent lab tests. The nurse will also need to insure the hotel is a safe environment in which to perform your alcohol detox by removing any alcohol in the room.  The nurse will go over the safety requirements with you. It is important for you to gather into one place all your prescription and over-the-counter medications, vitamins, and supplements. At this time, you will pay a $250.00 fee for the nursing time that will be applied to the administrative fee once the detox is approved by the Provider.  


· The nurse will then transport you to your Provider appointment.  


· You choose when to begin your detox . . . often the same day as your Provider appointment. Once the detox is approved by the Provider, you will pay the remaining balance of the START at HOME fee for the 5-day detox.  The first caregiver will meet you and the nurse at the hotel to begin the detox. The nurse will take your blood pressure, heart rate, temperature, respirations and a breathalyzer reading to determine your blood alcohol level. The nurse will also perform a withdrawal assessment to determine if you are having any withdrawal symptoms and determine if medication is needed at that time.


· The START Coordinator prepares supplies, picks up your medications at the pharmacy, purchases requested grocery items and delivers everything to the nurse at your hotel.  There might be some additional charges for medication co-pays, food, etc. and those charges are paid at the conclusion of your detox during the Nurse Transition Visit.


· The nurse then orients the caregivers to your individualized plan and the caregiver begins monitoring your withdrawal. At required intervals (every 1-4 hours) they will take your vital signs, including a breathalyzer test, and will administer appropriate medications according to a symptom-triggered medication regimen.


The detox medication may make you groggy.  In addition to your detox medication, additional medications will be given to relieve the common withdrawal symptoms—sleeplessness, diarrhea, constipation, indigestion, headache, nausea and vomiting.  


· A Start caregiver is with you 24-hours a day (Two-12-hour shifts).  The caregiver will prepare meals for you (if you have chosen a suite with a kitchen). Otherwise, the caregiver will assist you in ordering room service.  Choose comfort foods that you would eat if you had the flu. Also, having plenty of Gatorade, broth or similar drinks on hand for hydration support.


· The caregiver will care for your pet.


· Common symptoms of nausea, headache, diarrhea, and insomnia are supported as needed with additional medications.  As you detox from alcohol, your withdrawal symptoms will peak and then gradually diminish, requiring less and less medication.


· The nurse will set up a Counseling In-Hotel visit, usually on the third day, for development of an individualized success plan.


· The caregiver will help maintain a stress free and calm environment.


· The nurse is only a phone call away.  Your caregivers are thoroughly trained to help you through this process with as little discomfort as possible.  The nurse continues to assess you regularly to determine when you are ready to discharge from the detoxification.  The detox takes an average of 5 days.  The completion of your detox is based on specific criteria including the amount of medication you have required in the past 24 hours a long with completion of the Counseling and Transition Visits.  


· Referral information and a follow-up plan which includes an appointment with your Provider is the final step in the START at HOME program.